Saturday, June 29, 2013

The BLOG IS CLOSING TONIGHT as of Midnight - 06/29/2013

Just in case everyone has been living under a rock we are closing the blog tonight and moving to our brand new site or just click this to be redirected to our site.

We will be removing all post and everything related to hentai from this blog, in an effort to comply with blogger new policies so we will be redirecting all fans to our new site after tonight. The site is still under construction what does that mean, its looks blah because we are still designing the template for the new, meaning we are designing menu, banners, back ground colors and so forth in an effort to bring about functionality to the site and as well fine tuning plugins for widgets and as well have a nice look to the eyes, the new site is not complete yet, because designing new wordpress template and banners takes a bit of time so please forgive us for the messy site this literally occurred this week. As a motivation for everyone Girls lacross chapter 2 will only be posted on our new site tonight later from this point forward all releases are going to the new site and nothing will appear here from this point forward. so save our new site address that is where we will be and thank you once again for being great fans.

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